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किस्म पहचान वर्ष





गोमा ऐश्वर्य


A selection from plus tree. It is an early and drought tolerant. The average yield potential is 105 kg/tree.



गोमा यशी


Produces very good quality fruit with weight of 1.25 kg per fruit.

Fruits are ovate in shape, greenish yellow. Flesh colour is straw. Fruit shell weight is 180. Number of locules is cross section/ fruit is 17.



1. थार सेविका


Developed by the hybridization from a cross Seb x Katha. Thar Sevika is an early maturing variety. Average fruit yield is 30-32 Kg/tree.

2. थार भूभराज


A selection from local material of Bhusavar area of Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, having an average yield potential of 30-36 kg/tree. The fruits are very juicy, sweet with a TSS content of 22-23%.



गोमा प्रियंका


Fruits are good in test having 16.86 TSS 0Brix. Fruit are rich in Vitamin C (45.44 mg/100g). Yield potential is 30 kg/plant.



गोमा खट्टा


The variety is developed for Anardana purpose. Yield potential is 6.59 kg/plant and anardana yield is 1.18 kg/plant. Seeds hardness is medium. Fruit having 46.7% of Juice and TSS is 14.50Brix. Acidity is 7.3%.



गोमा प्रतीक


A good quality fruit of tamarind having long pod 16.70 cm and 1.25 cm breadth in size. Pod weight is 26.70 g having TSS 710Brix and acidity is14.06 %. Vitamin C is 17.53 mg/100g.



थार प्रिया

2014 Identified

Plant height (3.43 m), semi-spreading growth habit, thick trunk, dense foliage and dropping branches, umbrella shape, fruit ripens in 50-65 days from fruit set. It is comparatively dwarf, precocious bearer and suitable for high density planting. No major diseases and pests were noticed under field conditions. It is suitable for table and processing purpose due to high pulp content, TSS, sugar and kernel content. It recorded 23.90 oBrix TSS, 1.24% acidity, 13.06% total sugar, 6.67% reducing sugar, 48.70 mg/100g vitamin C and 31.36% kernel protein. The fruit yield is 11.90 kg yield/plant having 1.15 g fruit weight. It starts bearing in 4th year of planting.




थार शोभा


High yielding and better quality variety. It has been recommended for uniform tender pod harvesting for vegetable use. A grafted khejri plant yields a harvest of about 4.25 kg tender pods (sangri) and 6 kg dry fodder per year.



थार माणक


It is an improvement over AHW 19 for quality. Developed through selection from the local land races found in arid region. It is very early. First marketable harvesting 75-80 DAS. The yield potential is 50-80 tones/ha under arid conditions.


ए एच डब्लू -19


Medium-early maturing variety, produces 3.0-3.5 fruits per vine, flesh dark pink, solid (firm) with good eating quality and taste having 8.0 to 8.4% TSS. High yielder (460-500 q/ha) and tolerates high temperature.


ए एच डब्लू -65


Very early maturing variety, produces 3-4 mature fruits per vine and gives yield of 375-400 q/ha. The flesh is delicious, pink, solid (firm) having 8.0-8.5 per cent TSS.



1. ए एच के -119


Fruits are small, egg shaped weighing 50-60 g. Fruits are ready for picking in 68-70 days after sowing, 22 fruits per vine, and yields of 95-100 q/ha.


2. ए एच के -200


The fruits are 100-120 g in weight, become ready for harvest in 65-67 days after sowing, bears about 20 fruits per vine, yield of 115-120 q/ha.



1. ए एच एस - 10


Fruits can be harvested 68 days after sowing, fruits are oblong and medium in size (900 g), flesh whitish pink, sweet in taste having 4.5-5.0 per cent TSS. Bears 4.0-4.5 fruits vine each giving an yield of 225-230 q/ha under arid conditions.


2. ए एच एस-82


Fruit harvest starts 67-70 days after sowing, each vine bears 4.5-5.0 fruits giving an yield of 245-250 q/ha. The flesh is light pink, sweet having 4.3-4.9 per cent TSS.



थार समृधि


High yield potential (3.82 – 5.82 kg/plant) under hot arid environment. Fruits weighing 450 – 700 g are ready for first harvesting after 50 to 55 days from sowing. The fruit yield potential is 240-300 q/ha.


क्लस्टर बीन

2. थार भादवि


High yielding vareity. Pod yield poentital is 75 g/plant and 9.0 cluster/plant. Plant height is 65-70 cm. First harvest is 55-60 days after sowing.


सोर्ड बीन

थार माहि


The pod yield potential is 56.0 q/ha. First harvest 90-95 days after sowing. Pod yield is 1.73 kg/plant. In 40% pod yield is increasing through.


इंडियन बीन

1. थार कार्तिकी


Days to flowering, DAS is 70-75 after 5.94. First harvest is 90-95 DAS. Pod yield is 1.75 kg/plant and yield 110 q/ha.


2. थार मगही


It is high yielding, stable and found to be the most potential for commercial cultivation. For first marketable harvesting, it took 90-95 days in comparison to AHDB-3 (95-100 days).


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