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Dr. P. L. Saroj
ICAR-Central Institute for Arid Horticulture
Beechwal, Bikaner-334006, Rajasthan

Phone:0151-2250147, Fax:0151-2250145
Prof. (Dr) P. L. Saroj is ARS Scientist of 1991 batch, presently working as Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Arid Horticulture, Bikaner (Rajasthan). He has started his career as Training Associate, KVK, Gonda (UP) in 1989 and served in different organizations such as Asstt. Prof., CCS University, Meerut (UP):1989-90; Scientist, IIHR, Bangalore, (Karnataka): 1991-92; Scientist, CSWCRTI, Dehradun (Uttrakhand): 1992-1999; Sr. Scientist and Principal Scientist, CIAH, Bikaner (Rajasthan): 1999-2005 and Prof. & Head, Horticulture/ Dean (SW), SVBPUAT, Meerut (UP): 2005-2008. In 2009, he joined ICAR HQ, New Delhi as Principal Scientist and also worked as Astt. Director General (Hort.-I), where he involved in coordination and monitoring of horticultural research in the country. In 2012, he has joined as Director, ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur (Karnataka). Prof. Saroj, posse’s versatile experience while serving in different organizations. He is involved in research, teaching, administration, extension, coordination and management for the last 27 years. Specialized in Pomology, standardized anatomical indices for predicting plant vigour in Psidium species, propagation techniques of fruits viz., aonla, ber, bael, guava, pomegranate, tamarind, lasoda, ker etc., suggested rootstocks and training systems for grapes, technology for utilization of degraded lands, developed various value added products from underutilized crops, suggested mango, guava, peach and ber based cropping systems and identified genetic stocks of cashew. Recently developed two jumbo nut size cashew hybrids. Published first report on peach phytoplasma. Coordinated research programmes at CIAH, Bikaner and SVPUAT, Meerut as Chairman, PME Cell/ RCM Unit, PC Cell and Publication Committee, besides coordination works related to QRT, RAC, IMC, Foreign aided projects, Technology Mission at ICAR HQ, New Delhi and also guided 3 Ph.D. and 8 M.Sc. students in the field of horticulture.

Prof. Saroj is founder Secretary of Indian Society for Arid Horticulture and Life Member/ Executive Councilor/ Member of Advisory Board of 12 National/International Societies. He has worked as Member of Editorial Board, India Journal of Horticulture, Indian Journal of Soil Conservation and Progressive Agriculture, Progressive Horticulture and Indian Journal of Arid Horticulture. Presently, he is working as Executive Councilor of Horticulture Society of India. He was member of several National Committees/ Advisory Bodies including Secretary, Board of Faculty; Nodal Officer, NHM Monitoring Committee, Member of PAC/IC of NHB, NMPB, APEDA, EXIM and Member of Search Committee for establishment of new Agricultural Universities in UP. More than 105 research papers, besides 15 technical bulletins, 40 book chapters, 11 technical reports and 35 popular articles are to his credit. His book ‘Advances in Arid Horticulture’ has been widely appreciated by readers. He is recipient of University Gold Medal and ICAR JRF and SRF for Postgraduate Studies, NDUAT Alumini Award, Fellow of HHDS, ISHRD, CHAI and HSI; Young Scientist Award, Bhartiya Vikash Ratna Award, Dr. B.P. Pal Scientist of the Yr 2009 Award and Scientist of the Year 2011 Award. Prof. Saroj has also visited Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka and USA under various official assignments.


Annual Rate Contract for Consumables

NIT Hiring of Vehicle

खेजडी के पौधों की बिक्री सूचना

Aonla Auction-CHES, Vejalpur

New:-NIT: Annual Job Contract

Tender Notice Online: Annual Job Contract-Day to Day service/works

Tender Notice Online: Annual Job Contract

Notification: ARC-Chemmical Glassware etc.

Notification: Annual Job Contract Outsourcing

नीलामी सूचना 01/2021

Notification for hiring of vehicle: Cancelled

National Webinar on Khejri

Farm Produce Rates- 10-06-2021

Filling up post of SMS (Home Scence/community science) at KVK Panchmahal, Gujarat

किसानों के लिए शुष्‍क बागवानी फ़सलों के बारे में सलाह-3

Farmer Advisory-II

Tender Notice for rate contract of chemical,glassware/plasticware and consumablesr Farmer Advisory

Mango auction at CHES, Vejalpur

NIT Vehicle Hiring

Notification: Furniture and Fixture items-Tender Cancelled

Notification: CCTV Camear

Tender Notice-New: Online Tender for procurement of Furniture and Fixture items

Tender Notification: Tender for procurement of Furniture and Fixture items

फलों की तुड़ाई हेु समयावधि बढाने बाबत

Notification for furniture itmes

Extension: Filling up post of SMS (Home Scence/community science) on inter-institutional transfer basis at KVK Panchmahal, Gujarat

filling up post of SMS (Home Scence/community science) on inter-institutional transfer basis at KVK Panchmahal, Gujarat

नीलामी सूचना

Notification: Bidders qoted line rate for Seed Cleaning and Grading Unit 01 TPH

NIT CCTV Camera Set

Notification: Response Bidder- KVK Panchmahal Items

Tender Notice: Online Tender for procurement of Furniture and Fixture items

Annual Job the Scientist Home/Frmer Guest House
दिनांक 2.2.2021- संस्‍थान में काचरी AHK-119 के बीज का स्‍टॉक खत्‍म हो गया है।

बीज विक्रय सूचना- 29.01.2021

निविदा सूचना विविध कार्यो के अनुबंध के आधार पर जॉब कान्‍ट्रेक्‍ट हेतु

निविदा सूचना साफ सफाई के वार्षिक अनुबन्‍ध

Notification unskilled labour open on 15.09.2020

बेर फलों की खुली नीलामी

सूखी लकड़ी एवं खेजड़ी की सूखी लकड़ी की खुली नीलामी एवं नियम शर्ते

ग्‍वार की तुड़ी खुली नीलामी एवं नियम शर्ते

नीलामी सूचना ग्‍वार तुड़ी, सूखी लकड़ी एवं खेजड़ी लकड़ी खुली नीलामी

NIT:Seed Cleaning and Grading Uit Cap 1TPH with accessories and Installation

Seed Cleaning and Grading Machine-Cancelled

बेर फलों की नीलामी

Putting Farmers First

बेर फलों की नीलामी

सब्‍जी बीज

नीलामी लकडी एवं सूखी लकडी

Notice: Neelami

आंवला माउथ फ्रेशनर
Auction Notice: dry wood
Foundation Day of the Institute

Result:-Walk in Intervieew of JRF on 22-09-2020

Corringendum E-Tender Notice-Fine claner/seed grader

खेजडी एवं बेर के पौधों की बिक्री सूचना

New:- Nilami Suchna Sevan and other Ghas

Walk in Intervieew of JRF on 22-09-2020

New:- E-Tender Notice-Fine claner/seed grader

बीज विक्रय सूचना

New:- NIT Annual Job Contract

Noification for Annual Job Contract for Agriculture...

संस्थान की राजभाषा पत्रिका ''मरु बागवाणी'' को गणेश शंकर विद्यार्थी पुरस्का र

Virtual IRC Meeting ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner

NIT Annual Job Contract

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -NIT Mango dispoal, Godhra Gujarat

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -Nilami Suchna Godhra Gujarat

Mustard grain-sale price 30.04.2020

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -Nilami Suchna Godhra Gujarat

किसानों के लिए शुष्‍क बागवानी तकनीकी सलाह

नीलामी सूचना सुखी लकड़ी

नीलामी सूचना ग्‍वार की तुडी एवं सुखी लकड़ी

NIT: For Manual Weather Station Items etc.

बीज विक्रय सूचना

Notification: Job Contract-Landscaping-Technical Responsive

सब्जियों के सत्य प्रमाणित बीजों का विक्रय दिनांक 06 फरवरी 2020

New: NIT for automatic weather station

New: NIT for equipments at KVK Panchmahal

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