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Dr. D. K. Samadia
ICAR-Central Institute for Arid Horticulture
Beechwal, Bikaner-334006, Rajasthan

Phone:0151-2250147, Fax:0151-2250145
Email:ciah[at]nic[dot]in, director[dot]ciah[at]icar[dot]gov[dot]in

Address: ICAR-Central Institute for Arid Horticulture, Bikaner (Rajasthan); Residence:  Karni Nagar Lalgarh, Bikaner, Bikaner-334001 (Rajasthan; E-mail: : Mobile No. 9414603689

Dr. Dilip Kumar Samadia is native to tribal dominating area of Rajasthan state and born (1965) in a resource poor Jain family at village Ghatol district Banswara. He has good academic records and experiences with agriculture from schooling and did B. Sc. (Ag.) in 1987, M. Sc. (Ag.) in 1990 and Ph. D. (Horticulture) in 1997 from Rajasthan Collage of Agriculture, Udaipur and also secured scholarships. Dr. Samadia joined the ICAR as ARS Scientist (Horticulture) in 1993 and posted at Central Institute for Arid Horticulture, Bikaner and presently working as Principal Scientist. He is working very hard for practical research and possessing good experiences in Arid Horticulture. From last 28 years, his research attentiveness is to develop technologies for promotion of native, tribal, desert and dry-land horticulture. As specialized scientist, his contribution on genetic resource management, its utilization for varietal development and conservation of native germplasm of fruits and vegetable significant crop-plants under hot arid climate is well recognized. The Khejri-Thar Shobha, Kachri-AHK-119, Snap melon-82, Mateera-Thar Manak and Surface-channel protected cultivation technologies are the most popular and impact oriented. The targeted crop specific and multi-crop intensive surveys conducted by him in arid, semi-arid and tribal areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat resulted to collection of over 1750 germplasm and conserved in NGB at NBPGR, and it is in unexploited and native crop-plants of horticultural significance. The targeted germplasm were evaluated over the years under hot arid climate, and five crops were first time exploited by him for systematic cultivation. The regular utilization of native germplasm in selection and hybridization breeding resulted to varietal development in kachri, snap melon, mateera, kakri, bottle gourd, sponge gourd, ivy gourd, Indian bean, sword bean, cluster bean, brinjal, khejri, sehjan, ber, pomegranate, lasora and ker. So far, 21 varieties in arid vegetables and fruits were commercialized and 07 promising lines of potential vegetable crop-plants are in pipe-line. In addition, first-time, a series of technological advancements have been made for promotion of unexploited and native crop-plants such as khejri, kachri, kaakdia, mateera and phog under sand-dunes landscape of Thar desert. A complete package of practices adopting channel and drip technology of crop cultivation either rainfed or limited irrigations is standardized and popularized for cucurbits production under abiotic stressed conditions. The mission mode R&D work in khejri (Prosopis cineraria) resulted into transforming it for the horticultural harnessing, and innovative concepts, techniques and practices standardized and promoted in model approach with the name - HBCPSMA. As founder scientist of NRCAH, fruit crop germplasm assemblage was started by him for establishment of repositories during 1994–1998, and resulted to collections from ICAR, AICRP-AZF and NBPGR centre’s in ber (262), pomegranate (120) and varieties of fruits and maintained in field gene-bank. As founder farm in-charge, land-use plan of 125 hectares area of NRCAH was developed and executed for the research blocks, roads and facilities, and 60 ha sand-dune lands developed into experimental plots. Water storage and supply net-work developed in farm-area, and is recognized as diggi based controlled pipe-line model for the pressurized (drip & sprinklers) irrigation. With seed project at CIAH, seed production of kachri, kaakdia, mateera, tinda, bottle gourd and cluster bean was strengthened for institute varieties and 45.00 quintals seed distributed up to 2021. As a result, seed-chain for arid vegetables is expanded and linkages made with farmers, NGO’s, KVK’s and state agencies for spread of vegetable production technology in arid and semi-arid areas. To document the R&D work, a wide-range of publications is done which consisted of papers in journals (55), conference papers (12), book chapters (23), compendium chapters (45), research abstracts (85), technological articles (22), hindi articles (68), technical bulletins (22), technical folders (15) and edited books (6).


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