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Guest House

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S. No. Category AC Room VIP Suite
    on official visit On private visit On official visit On private visit
1 Serving and retired officers of NARS (ICAR/SAUs) 250 150 500 200
2 Serving officers of Central Govt/State Govt/ Autonomous organization/PSUs 300 300 600 600
3 Private visitors i.e. other than ICAR, SAUs, Central or State Govt. etc. 500 500 700 700

Foreign visitors (SAARC countries) 1600 1600 2000 2000
5 Foreign Visitors other than SAARC countries 2500 2500 3000 3000


1. Above rates are effective for Per Person Per Day 2. Check out time is 10.00 A.M 3. Food charges are payable to contractor of Guest House 4. Accommodation shall be booked on first come first basis 5. Preference in booking shall be given to official visitors of ICAR system 6. For booking, please e-mail/fax your request well in advance

    Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma
    I/c Guest House
    CIAH, Bikaner
    Phone: 0151-2250960 Extn: 110
    Mobile: 09462122912, 

आंवला माउथ फ्रेशनर
Auction Notice: dry wood
Foundation Day of the Institute

Result:-Walk in Intervieew of JRF on 22-09-2020

Corringendum E-Tender Notice-Fine claner/seed grader

खेजडी एवं बेर के पौधों की बिक्री सूचना

New:- Nilami Suchna Sevan and other Ghas

Walk in Intervieew of JRF on 22-09-2020

New:- E-Tender Notice-Fine claner/seed grader

बीज विक्रय सूचना

New:- NIT Annual Job Contract

Noification for Annual Job Contract for Agriculture...

संस्थान की राजभाषा पत्रिका ''मरु बागवाणी'' को गणेश शंकर विद्यार्थी पुरस्का र

Virtual IRC Meeting ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner

NIT Annual Job Contract

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -NIT Mango dispoal, Godhra Gujarat

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -Nilami Suchna Godhra Gujarat

Mustard grain-sale price 30.04.2020

नीलामी सूचना गोधरा गुजरात -Nilami Suchna Godhra Gujarat

किसानों के लिए शुष्‍क बागवानी तकनीकी सलाह

नीलामी सूचना सुखी लकड़ी

नीलामी सूचना ग्‍वार की तुडी एवं सुखी लकड़ी

NIT: For Manual Weather Station Items etc.

बीज विक्रय सूचना

Notification: Job Contract-Landscaping-Technical Responsive

सब्जियों के सत्य प्रमाणित बीजों का विक्रय दिनांक 06 फरवरी 2020

New: NIT for automatic weather station

New: NIT for equipments at KVK Panchmahal

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