ICAR-Central Institute for Arid Horticulture
Externaly funded national

Externally Funded Project (National)

Sr.No. Project Name PI Funding Agency
EF1 Validation of DUS testing guidelines for cucurbits i.e. watermelon and muskmelon. Dr. B. R. Choudhary PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF2 Validation of DUS descriptors for ber (Ziziphus sp.). Dr. D. K. Sarolia PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF3 Validation of DUS descriptors for date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). Dr. R. S. Singh PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF4 Validation of DUS descriptors for bael. Dr. A. K. Singh PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF5 Characterization of aonla varieties for developing DUS testing guidelines. Dr. A. K. Singh PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF6 Development of morphological descriptors and DUS testing guidelines for jamun. Dr. Sanjay Singh PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF7 Validation of DUS descriptors for chironji and tamarind Dr. Sanjay Singh PPV&FRA, New Delhi
EF8 Enhancing food and water security in arid region through improved understanding of quantity, quality and management of blue, green & grey water Dr. B. D. Sharma Dept. of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Notification: Annual Job Contract

MTC Training on "Integrated Pest Management of Arid Fruit and Vegetable Crops" from 2-9 September, 2019

JRF Result:- Walk-in-Interview held on 19_07_2019

Rate of Farm Produce (Plants/cutting etc) 2019

नकारा/अनुप्रयोगी सामान की नीलामी हेतु सूचना

JRF Walk-in-Interview held on 19_07_2019

Result Young Professional-I Interview held on 12_06_2019

Result Young Professional-I Interview held on 13_06_2019

Invitation for Sealed Offers: Gram (Gran) at KVK, Panchmahal


Walk In Interview: Young Professional-I

Advt.for Selection one SMS (Agrometeorology) and one Agromet Observer

विक्रय हेतु फार्म उत्‍पापदों की दरें 10.05.2019







Multiplication of plants service/job nursery, responsive/non responsive

Annual Job Contract for outsourcing of Sweeping and Cleaning

Waiting list of application for appointments on compassionate ground
auction notice guar

Auction of ber at Godhra

खेजड़ी की कटाई छटाई खुली नीलामी

open auction information for khejri pruning

NIT for hiring of vehicles

Rate of Fresh Date palm In Packing w.e.f. 12.07.2018

Rate list of seed and planting material w.e.f. 07.07.2018

Extension of date NIT: अनुबंध पर कार्य/सेवा के लिए एजेंसियों के पंजीकरण हेतु निविदा आमंत्रण सूचना

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